People attend the launch ceremony of Nokia's first tablet and two large-screen smartphones in Abu Dhabi

What’s Possible in Phablets – The Rising Star of Smart Mobile Devices

“The phablet market will impact businesses and consumers as the device screen size offered in a phablet device will enhance usability, customer satisfaction and business offerings,” the Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group analyzes.

Essentially, four mega-trends embody a simultaneous nexus of egalitarianism (The Cloud), markets (Big Data), communications (Wireless Mobile), and technology (Social Media) applicable to next-generation supervision, performance data analytics, and control management on smart mobile device systems. This integrated nexus is the social, technological, educational, economic, and political challenge presented to all of us inside a substantially decreased time dimension of heightened engagement among us in an age of demography shift worldwide.


Have Diversity Initiatives Made Us More Divisive?

According to Scientific American on September 16, 2014, “The first thing to acknowledge about diversity is that it can be difficult. In the U.S., where the dialogue of inclusion is relatively advanced, even the mention of the word “diversity” can lead to anxiety and conflict. Supreme Court justices disagree on the virtues of diversity and the means for achieving it. Corporations spend billions of dollars to attract and manage diversity both internally and externally, yet they still face discrimination lawsuits, and the leadership ranks of the business world remain predominantly white and male.”

This article more specifically addresses exactly what this premise raises squarely and frankly to engender water-cooler discussion and further comment by you. For diversity is more than just skin deep, it is about people first and foremost. Has diversity divided us into divisiveness is the issue raised herein. What have these diversity and inclusion programs accomplished that truly permeates across the social fabric?

Malaysia Airlines

MH370 Report: “Boeing 777 Spiraled Into Indian Ocean Upon Last Engine Flameout”

NBC News and The Daily Mail (U.K.) confirm today the “Independent Group” expert findings submitted last week to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau that Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER, Registration Number 9M-MRO, performing as flight MH370 early morning on March 8 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, spiraled out of control into the southern Indian Ocean, as the airliner’s engine shutdowns upon exhausting their fuel supply happened “one after the other.”

“MH370 investigators have revealed the search for the Malaysia Airlines flight may have been in the wrong area up until now,” The Daily Mail (U.K.) reports.


The Fight for Value: 32 ‘Must Haves’ for Boards

Boards of Directors and their executive officers often face-off on 32 ‘must haves’ on how to best extract value from their enterprises (such as a corporation, a college or university, a philanthropic organization, or even a public-sector government or non-governmental organization). Addressing these 32 ‘must haves’ is for the benefit of every State Treasury, every large public or private pension fund, every professional or individual investor, and most substantially, every loyal employee and customer committed to the enterprise’s products and services.


MH17 Three Months: Investigation Presses On After Dutch Report

Thursday, October 9, 2014 marks three months, since the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. Air crash investigators and experts are counting on a comprehensive technical analysis of the airliners’ flight data recorders (or “black-boxes”), and a scientific forensic analysis of the remains of the 283 passengers and 15 Malaysia Airlines crew members, to build the most complete picture of how the airliner was brought down, and where the “high-energy objects” that penetrated the aircraft had originated from on the morning of July 17 over war-torn Hrabove, Ukraine, as suggested in the preliminary findings of the Dutch Safety Board. The Dutch Safety Board anticipates that it will address these and all pertinent issues of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash inside their final investigation report due to be released by July 2015.


Let’s Fix It Now: Cancer – Here’s Two Inspirational Comebacks (VIDEO)

As defined recently in the New York Times: “The Food and Drug Administration approved the first of an eagerly awaited new class of cancer drugs that unleashes the body’s immune system to fight tumors.

The drug, which Merck will sell under the name Keytruda, was approved for patients with advanced melanoma who have exhausted other therapies.

Cancer researchers have been almost giddy in the last couple of years about the potential of drugs like Keytruda, which seem to solve a century-old mystery of how cancerous cells manage to evade the body’s immune system.


Online Assaults By Hackers and Scammers Is Soaring!

These top 5 nations are spending the most on cybercrime, as a percentage of GDP: Germany at 1.6%, Netherlands at 1.5%, United States and Norway each at 0.64%, and China at 0.63%, according to a 2014 report of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), sponsored by McAfee and Intel.

Bottom-line takeaway: Beware where you click, no matter what website you’re visiting or what social media you’re using!


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